Supporting ROFEH and it's programs is easy using this website and it's tools.  There are a few easy steps to follow to start helping ROFEH International to help so many at a time when they need it the most.  Remember that each donation, no matter how large or small, will directly impact the lives of over 1,000 people a year in medical crises.

Follow these easy steps and you will reach your personal goal (and beyond!) in no time.

  1. Register to Walk. Click Register to register for the walk.  Click "Individual Participationto register to walk individually or a family, "Start a Team," if you're signing up with your friends, or "Join a Team" if your friends already created a team.  
  2. Set up your "Walk Page". Personalize your page with a message about why you're taking part in Walk for ROFEH. This is the most inspiring way to gather donations. Update your page regularly and make it as visible as possible to your family and friends. Click "Log in to Edit My Page" on the Home page or "My Account" in the top menu to get started. 
  3. Make a personal donation. Go ahead and get the ball rolling! When you make your own contribution you show supporters how committed you are and it motivates them to show their support for your commitment to Walk for ROFEH. 
  4. Ask someone. Start with your close family and friends. You'll be surprised how much support you can get from the people who know you best. Once you get a few donations you'll be excited to keep the momentum, so ask away! 
  5. Use social media.   

    When logged into the system, choose my account, and then click on the URL pointing to your page.

    On that page you will find a number of icons to put your individual fundraising page onto your social media websites (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) as well as an email letter. 

If Share you walk page on Facebook, Twitter, and email. Post regularly about your involvement and your progress and add a link to your page. Include a quick message in every post and email to encourage your friends and family to contribute. These are great tools for getting the message out. 
Call Mike Hirsh (617) 566-1900 Ext. 304 at ROFEH International Center and he will be happy to share additional tips on reaching your fundraising goals and joining us for ROFEH Walk! Thank you for supporting ROFEH International!